Wednesday 14th Dec… LDN, SE1

You’ve probably heard there’ll be a Ukulele Flash Mob in London, SE1 on Wednesday 14th December at 6:30pm. Here’s the details, but you’ll need to sign up to the mailing list to receive the location and join in!



Group Performance, Daily, From Tuesday 14 July 2015…

Hello there,

A number of people have expressed a desire to perform as part of a Ukulele Flashmob, and we’ve been asked by the guys behind Shunt to get you involved with this exciting new Interactive Art Project.

MONUMENT is a new sound based performance that will be presented in Central London from July 2015 to September 2015. It is a live outdoor event where the audience have a rare and odd glimpse below the surface of the city.

We need 20 people each evening who will occupy a public space and play Ring of Fire, per the chords and strumming patterns below.

The event will run from Tuesdays to Sundays at sunset. (about 9pm for July, 8pm for August and 7pm for September) and will last about one hour.

Participants will need to arrive 30 mins before the show start time for a briefing and commit to at least a week of performances. The only rehearsal needed is for you to learn the song at home and be ready to play on the day. If you print the chords and stick them to your ukulele, that’s fine, but no obvious song sheets please.

They are sadly unable to pay expenses but we can offer some complimentary tickets for the performance.

This part of the ‘show’ takes place in St James’s Park. The audience will download an App onto their phones and then will receive a message on the day of the performance that will tell them where to go.

They listen with headphones to audio that describes a public space like a scene from a film. You are the film’s finale scene!

It’s really important that you keep the secrets too – save the surprise!

Thank you again for helping out.

Here’s how you get involved:

Learn the chords and words to Ring Of Fire- Click the title to download the song.

The strumming pattern in the verses is kinda D DU UDU and DD on the quick changes. In the Chorus it’s D DU, D DU.

You can play along with the audio, here:

For the first performance, meet behind Inn the Park, the coffee bar in St James’s at 8:45pm on Tuesday 14th July. For the days after that, it’ll be the same time, and if you want any more specific information, please email Andrew or give him a call on 07771 825599.