Ukulele Flash Mob Etiquette

Here’s how to get ready to flash mob with us!
1.  Practice the song. There will be some audio to play along to. 
2.  Please, on the day… NO paper, NO SONG SHEETS.  Please come to a workshop for help, if you need it.
3.  Please please look as stereotypically normal as you can.  Hints.. builder with a work bag? City boy or girl with a briefcase hiding a uke?  
4.  Hide your ukulele!  Please make sure your ukulele bag is hidden, if possible, have your uke in an open soft case (so you can get to it quickly), hidden in another bag, or under a jacket, or something. Have the uke ready to pull out as a *surprise*  😉
5.  Tune up BEFORE you arrive.  When you arrive, your uke should be finely tuned, and ready to whip out and strum!  The effect of a flash mob is that we arrive unannounced, and leave like nothing happened.  A few minutes of tuning will ruin that effect.  Please be prepared!
6.  Ukuleles are quiet instruments, so make sure you can hear the lead and each other, stand close to the position.  The intention of the flash mob is that we are stood still in position when we’re set, and when you hear the leads ukulele start to play, join in! We’ll play G for a few rounds so everyone can join before singing. You may need to come in closer if you can’t hear, so that we stay in time with each other.
7.  Be prepared for slight song changes, or to repeat the song twice.  We may extend the outro as well as the intro, so be prepared for changes, we’ll call it, so listen out on the day!
8.  When you get the nod and hear the cue from the lead or hear the words ‘last one’ end with single strum(s).
9.  Walk away like nothing happened.  (ignore applause, etc)
PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT WHOOP AND CHEER.  It will be an AMAZING feeling, but RESIST being self congratulatory until after you’re away from the location! 
10.  Meet up afterwards with fellow ukulele players for a strum. You should receive the email telling you where the strumalong will be. (Don’t forget your Ukulele Wednesdays Songbook).
Surreptitiously strum with you soon!

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