Ukulele Flash Mob? What’s that then??

The 4 stringed secret service…

Be prepared. We will take you by surprise. We’ll arrive surreptitiously, and play a song.
If you’re there, you can join in the song, then we’ll vanish, leaving you in wonder.

Play ukulele and want to join us?  We’re currently planning in London and New York. Click in the menu to choose the city closest to you and join our mailing list if you’d like to join us!


A flash mob is simply a group of people who get together and do the same thing at the same time, suddenly, briefly and in public.

Want to join the ukulele flash mob?

To be part of our flash mob, simply join the email list. When you receive the email, take the time to learn the latest song, and show up. (Normally once or twice per year, ideally when it’s sunny, but there have been Christmassy and Halloween-y flash mobs.)

Ways to prepare for the ukulele flash mob…

1 – Learn the chords and song by heart. We usually provide an online resource to play along with. Play through the song with your group (if you have one) or practice it on your own along with the online  audio resource.

2 – Spread the word. The bigger it is the more fun for us all.

3 – Bring something fun to the party, make an effort with your disguise. (The idea is to appear as typically normal as you can – until ukulele flash mob time!) – hide your uke in a briefcase? Come as an 80’s tennis player with your ukulele hidden inside the case?

On the day, be ready to play and if you can capture it on camera yourself or get someone to come along and film it. Share it on social media (instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube). Tag us, and use the hastag #ukuleleflashmob. We’ll retweet you if you remember to @ us.

After party…?

Usually, we’ll arrange for somewhere for everyone to play songs together. Grab a Ukulele Wednesdays Songbook so you can see the chords for those songs.




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